About molly

I love plants. 

But besides that, I am a certified landscape designer with the Virginia Society of Landscape Designers (VSLD) and a Virginia Certified Horticulturist. After receiving a BFA from Virginia Commonwealth University's School of the Arts, I went on to study landscape design and horticulture from both the University of Richmond and J. Sargeant Reynolds College.   

My dad, the late Bill Spell, was a landscape architect with expertise in the famous Gillette gardens seen across Virginia.  He is a huge reason why I became more interested in plants and landscape design and I am forever grateful to him for this gift. 

I love gardening, but I most enjoy working outside with my son at my side and my flock of ducks quacking and foraging.


That's me, Molly Spell Artz

That's me, Molly Spell Artz

member of the following: 

Virginia Society of Landscape Designers (VSLD): Certified Member and Website Chair

Virginia Nursery Landscape Association

Central Virginia Nursery and Landscape Association

Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens – Richmond,VA